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While most batteries come in fixed shapes and sizes, our team has gone above and beyond to engineer a revolutionary ink. Tailored to your exact needs, we will deliver a battery of any shape or size to meet any design need.

Ink Formulation

The electrode formulation embodies part of the know-how of the group. The manufactured electrode pastes allow for efficient printing and mechanical flexibility whilst maximising performance. Our R&D team continuously improves and fine-tunes the properties, giving you state of the art performance and reliability in volume.

Screen printing & manufacturing

Focus is towards simplifying manufacturing process to achieve lower cost, necessary scale and quality. The printing process means batteries are highly customised based on customer’s requirements and can integrated directly onto customer solutions. Volume production available today!


To enable the benefits of the Internet of Things and ubiquitous electronics by providing form flexible and conformable power.


To become the go-to solution for thin, flexible sources of power. To break market barriers via focusing on speed, reliability and volume production, bringing the cost of printed power to a level suitable for mass adoption.

About Us

We believe in

The world is changing fast. Sensors, actuators and smart tools are exponentially growing in number. From healthcare to packaging, the technology is set to change our lives. Zinergy’s vision is to be at the heart of this growth, by being the source of power behind this revolution.

Our team of experienced engineers and researchers have an excellent track record of producing industry-leading research. The search continues for the thinnest, most flexible and most durable battery.

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Safety at the heart of our technology

Discover Zinergy UK’s ultra-thin and extra safe printed batteries, customisable and ready for use in a wide range of applications!

Our Products

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Zinergy’s printed batteries can be tailored to your exact needs. We will deliver a battery of any shape, size and performance to meet any design need, all with short lead times, volume ready and consistent reliability.

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